亚博体彩官网_Ben Bajarins reality distortion theory about why Wall Street doesnt get Apple (AAPL) — first published in Time Magazines Techland last week — has been widely picked up by numerous Apple watchers (including this one). But nobody has had more fun with it than Daniel Eran Dilger, a regular (and relatively straightforward) contributor to AppleInsider who likes to let it fly on Roughly Drafted Magazine, his personal blog.华尔街为什么不寄予厚望苹果公司(Apple)?本?巴加林在上周的《时代》杂志(Time)科技版上就这个问题撰文阐释了他的亚博体彩app“现实变形力场”理论,被很多苹果观察家(还包括笔者)普遍援引。AppleInsider网站长年撰稿人丹尼尔?伊兰?迪尔格心直口快,他对这个话题的兴趣比任何人都大,他甚至还在个人博客Roughly Drafted Magazine上公开发表了文章报以反对。Bajarins theory was that the magic by which Steve Jobs could spin almost anything his way has been reversed; now the perception on the Street and in the media is that Apple — whose main problem, according to Bajarin, is that it cant make smartphones and tablets fast enough to meet demand — is doomed.巴加林的理论是,史蒂夫?乔布斯扭转乾坤的魔力早已被人反败为胜了。巴加林指出,如今华尔街和媒体界普遍认为,苹果的主要问题是无法很快生产出有充足多的智能手机和平板电脑来符合市场的大量市场需求,苹果劫数难逃。

Dilger has refined Bajarins theory and identified what he believes to be the source of the new distortive power. He calls it flexibly adaptive logic.迪尔格更进一步完备了巴加林的理论,明确提出了他眼中的全新反败为胜力量的源泉所在——他把它称作“灵活性的自适应逻辑(flexibly adaptive logic)。”(即后文所说的“逻辑缺失”——学术著作)Flawgic, he writes, is neither hardware nor software; its installed directly into public mindshare via a virus spread by talking heads.他写到:“逻辑缺失(flawgic)并不是硬件或软件的问题,而是在人们的日常交流中,以口碑传播的方式,像病毒一样很快蔓延到,最后深深植根到公众心目中。”For example:例如:If Apple were to release a cheap iPhone that cost $50 or a luxury one that cost $2000, it would receive intense scrutiny in either direction. The cheap version would be derided as flawed and worthless, while the expensive version would be laughed at for being ludicrously priced.“不论苹果要公布一款价格50美元的廉价款iPhone,还是一款价格2,000美元的奢华款iPhone,都会遭严苛的抨击。

廉价款会被数落为粗制滥造;而奢华款则不会由于高昂的价格遭取笑。Flawgic allows low end Android products to be hailed as volume sales generators, even if they are terrible products in every way. But it also does double-duty in allowing Googles insanely priced devices, from Glass to Chromebook Pixel, to escape criticism of their inherently poor overall value or the likelihood of their ever selling in meaningful volumes.“由于这种逻辑缺失,即使低端的安卓产品从各个方面来看都很差劲,还是被誉为回头亲民路线的销量王。

它还为谷歌(Google)获取了双重协助:使从谷歌眼镜到Chromebook Pixel这样整体价值粗劣、价格却喜得离谱的设备免受诟病,还让这些设备大买特卖显得有可能。”他说道,逻辑缺失就是这么强劲。Dilger really hits his stride when he talks about how the Flawgic gene was passed to Samsung, allowing it to argue with a straight face in federal court that it — not Apple — was the patent infringement victim.谈及逻辑缺失这种基因如何传授给三星(Samsung)时,迪尔格堪称抢到了独特的观点。


逻辑缺失让三星勇于在联邦法院上一脸坦率地争论称之为,它自己——而非苹果——才是专利侵权行为的受害者。Its like a rapist saying he had penetrated against his own will, writes Dilger, and please lock this woman up before she is allowed to have forcible sex with other innocent rapists. And can I sue her for damages? I think I hurt my penis.迪尔格说道:“这就只不过一个强奸犯说道,再次发生性行为违反了他本人的意愿。视而不见这位女士与其他无辜的强奸犯再次发生强制性不道德之前,请求把她关口一起。

另外,我能无法控告她,拒绝损害赔偿?因为我实在我的性器官受到了受损。”Theres more of the same at Googles Android powered by remarkable new flexibly adaptive logic这种非凡的、全新的“灵活性的自适应逻辑”对谷歌安卓系统的承托堪称有过之而无不及。_亚博体彩官网。