亚博体彩官网-Robots are not only for fun and games, its also a very serious industry in China.机器人不仅是为了娱乐和游戏,它在中国也是一个十分坦率的产业。The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the development plan for the robotics industry (2016-2020).日前,工信部、国家发改委、财政部牵头公布了《机器人产业发展规划(2016-2020年)》(规划)。The plan lays out the industrys 5 tasks. Key breakthrough products, key components, significant improvement of robot reliability, market share and leading enterprises competitiveness.据报,该计划所列了该产业的5项任务,分别是前进根本性标志性产品首度突破、关键零部件的发展、机器人可靠性的最重要改良、提高市场占有率以及提高龙头企业的竞争力。China plans to triple its annual production of robots used in the manufacturing sector to 100,000 in five years, according to the plan. China is also aiming to sell more than RMB30b worth of service robots by 2020 amid surging demand in the healthcare, education and entertainment sectors.根据规划,我国计划在5年内将工业机器人年产量减少两倍至10万台;做到医疗、教育、娱乐领域对服务机器人的市场需求大大快速增长的趋势,到2020年服务机器人年销售收入多达300亿元。

The plan details the growth of the robotics industry fo亚博体彩官方网站r the 13th Five-Year Plan period with a view to increasing the quality of equipment, said Xin Guobin, the vice-minister of industry and information technology, on last Tuesday.工信部副部长辛国斌上周二回应,规划侧重提高设备质量,对十三五期间我国机器人产业的发展做出明确部署。:亚博体彩官网。