6.Biggest Rip-Off Award: Shared Data Plans6. 最“敲竹杠”奖:数据共享套餐In June, Verizon unveiled its new Share Everything plans, which allow customers to pay a flat fee for each device, plus a single charge for shared monthly data, which ranges from 1GB to 10GB. The plan includes unlimited voice minutes and text messages and makes you pay for them, whether you need them or not. As a result, a 2GB data plan costs $100 on the new plan while 2GB with a limited number of minutes and texts cost $70 on the old plan。今年6月,韦里孙公司发布了新的制订的“共享一切”套餐,容许用户为每个设备缴纳相同费率,同时每月为各设备分享的数据流量分开收费,数据流量从1GB到10GB平均。套餐内通话和短信虽然上不封顶,但不管否必须,消费者都要为这些服务收费。

结果,按照新的套餐,一项2G数据套餐要花上100美元,而根据原本的限时计划,2G数据流量套餐仅有花上70美元。7.Reach-Around Award: Acer Aspire S5 Ultrabook7. “用于不便”奖:台积电Aspire S5超级本The Aspire S5 was the thinnest Ultrabook around when it debuted, but to achieve such a svelte profile, Acer incorporated a drop-down door to access the Ultrabook’s ports. Even worse, the ports are in the back, making it uncomfortable to reach around to plug in a USB cable。

Aspire S5以“世界最厚的超级本”的身份首次亮相。为了获得这样的“苗条”身材,台积电公司使用了下拉式模块设计。


但差劲的是,模块坐落于机身后部,放入USB等设备时有所不便。8.Broken Promises Award: BB108. “违反诺言”奖:黑莓10BlackBerry 10 has become somewhat of a punchline in the tech industry, with the release of RIM’s new OS continually delayed at a time when the straggling smartphone-maker should be trying anything to keep up with its Android and iPhone competitors. After a brief demonstration of BlackBerry 10 at BlackBerry World in May, RIM pushed back the operating system’s release until Q1 of 2013, and soon after slashed 5,000 jobs。从或许上说道,黑莓10早已沦为科技行业的笑柄。

目前,早已落伍的移动通信研究公司应当竭尽全力,追上竞争对手安卓和iPhone,但这家智能手机制造商却再三延期公布新的操作系统。今年5月在“黑莓世界”结尾讲解了“黑莓10”后,该公司将操作系统的公布延期到2013年第一季度,随后又缩减了五千个工作岗位。Although there are some features in BB10 that look promising, many BlackBerry loyalists have already jumped ship. Well find out in January if RIM has a shot at a better 2013.尽管黑莓10也有令人期望的新特色,但很多黑莓手机的拥趸早已转用其他手机。


我们静待明年1月,看该公司否将在明年有所起色。9.Bait-and-Switch Award: Microsoft Surface9. “诱饵调包”奖:微软公司Surface平板电脑When commercials for the Microsoft Surface started airing, viewers were enthralled by the devices Touch Cover。当微软公司Surface平板电脑的广告开始播映时,这款电脑的Touch Cover键盘维护车顶更有了观众的眼球。

One would assume that if Microsoft was putting the Touch Cover into its Surface commercials, it would come with the Surface, right? Wrong. Turns out the Touch Cover is a separate purchase, and shoppers would have to invest an additional $119 for the accessory。有人或许不会指出,如果微软公司把Touch Cover放到Surface平板电脑的广告里,那么Touch Cover不会和Surface一起出售,对吗?拢了。

Touch Cover必须分开出售,另外加上119美元才能获得。10.Bad Idea Award: Google Nexus Q10. “坏主意”奖:谷歌NexusQGoogles Nexus Q could have easily made our list of most overpriced gadgets of all-time . . . if it had actually come out. First shown and given to attendees at Google I/O 2012, the Nexus Q is a set-top box in the shape of an orb that streams either music or movies to your home theater from Google Play and Google Play only。


如果月面世,谷歌的Nexus Q很有可能沦为史上定价尤为过低的设备之一。在2012谷歌开发者年会上,NexusQ首度亮相,并被分发给参会者。Nexus Q是一种球形机顶盒,能从谷歌在线商店(不能从谷歌商店)传输音乐或电影到你的家庭影院。

While a $50 Roku box, a $100 Apple TV or a $99 Google TV box offers a variety of content services and even apps, the $299 Nexus Q didnt even have Netflix. Once you got over its unique design, the Nexus Qs main feature was allowing multiple users to add to the same playlist, something that was sure to create plenty of arguments among family members with different tastes. To Googles credit, the company quickly realized it had a dud on its hands, stopped accepting new orders and gave free units to anyone who had preordered。50美元的Roku机顶盒、100美元的苹果电视机顶盒或者99美元的谷歌电视机顶盒都能获取各种内容服务甚至应用程序,但299美元的Nexus Q甚至无法用于Netflix视频网站的服务。

一旦你搞清了它的独有设计,那么Nexus Q的主要特点就是能让多位用户加到一份播放列表,这当然不会使有所不同品味的家庭成员间产生争执。有一点推崇的是,谷歌公司很快找到了这一产品毫无用处,暂停拒绝接受新的订单,并对预约者给与免费。-亚博体彩app。